Angels On The Moon

In Loving memory of Justin Perez
love, Honor, Cherish, Miss

A Letter from the Quiñones

 Traci and all others heaven sent,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank EVERY ONE OF YOU for your generosity. Angels on the Moon came to help during our family's most trying time. With the unexpected passing of our daughter, we were unsure if we were going to be able to give her a proper homegoing service. Tania -or 'Nini' as we called her- was 19 years old. She was non-verbal and born with cerebral palsy and central hypotonia (nerve developmental delay) which caused many challenges that our family would face during her borrowed time here on earth with us.  Although some days were harder than others, Nini ALWAYS made sure YOU smiled. She didn't like it one bit when someone was sad. Her favorite song "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" was a sure way to get her out of a funk if she had an 'off' day herself. She was the oldest of all her siblings, yet everyone's baby girl. I thank our dear friend Jami as well for refferring us to Traci.
Traci -without hesistation- told us "let me see what i can do to help" and in that same day called us to relieve us of some stress on what was the hardest decision making days weve ever encountered. You all are real Angels and I am proud to know all of our Angels are now playing together. From the absolute bottoms of our hearts, we THANK YOU ALL.
The family of Tania Quiñones 

A letter from the Juga's

 Traci and angels,

My wife and I would like to first sincerely thank you for all your help, listening ear, advice and overall genuine care of us and dealing with the loss of our absolutely amazing daughter.  From the help at the funeral home, to the cemetery, the late phone calls to see if we were alright allowed us to confidently speak to you knowing we were being taken care of.  We would not have been able to make her funeral as beautiful as it was without your help, guidance, and advice. For all stated above we truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I know Kaylie is looking down thanking you as well. We hope to remain in contact with you, helping your organization as you did us, and assisting families in need once we are able to. Thank you again, we love you.

Nick and Stephaine Juga



Additional Information


Hello this is Mr. Bennett Max's dad.

Thank you so much for you kindness and generosity toward our family

today is the day before Thanks giving and me and my family are in deep pain, sadness

and sarrow. Me and my wife Rosaura Bennett have been married for 24 wonderful years thank God.

this month November 13 was our 24th year anniversary. We come from a 3rd world country Belize C.A

we have 2 other beautiful children Elijah Bennett Jr. 23 and Jennifer Bennett 25 and a grand daughter

Amber Bennett now 6 years old. We are strong believers in Christ and I can share with you that our faith is

holding us together. The pain is overbearing and the struggle is real. we have no insurance to cover the medical bills and expenses that has fallowed Max's tragic death as a parent not only did we loose our baby boy bullied at school but also the school Crystal Lake south has left us devastated with no answers and have asked me and his mom not to return to the school both our other 2 children graduated from and Maxi was attending. They threw out all is stuff from his lockers and have refused to speak to us anymore. We are crushed as parents at the lost of our son and are now left with a huge financial burden as well as the care of our other 2 children. I want to thank you very much for the help you provided to our family and with tears in my eyes, sadness and pain want to say Thank you from the bottom of our hearts as this will be the first thanksgiving without our baby Max he was only 15 years old.

May God continue to bless and guide you all for who you are and what you do every day as every little bit helps.

Max had two little pets and ironically they both died of loneliness as he played with them every day. we could see their decline in living as if they knew that he was gone forever. Rossie his little parrot died 3 days later and today

the day before thanks giving his little dog Pepe of 12 years passed away. We are very broken and pray god holds us together again Thank you .



The Bennett family

Sam Bennett

Rosaura Bennett